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Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

SP is an evidence-based trauma treatment developed by Pat Ogden, PhD and is a form of the Hakomi Method. We all have inner strengths and resources to navigate stress from daily life.  When stressful events impact our nervous systems we develop reactions, flashbacks, emotional flashbacks, physical flashbacks or coping patterns.  

SP helps treat single-incident traumas and relationship wounding.  We humans are resilient and without realizing it, masterfully adapt to different types of trauma by developing coping strategies that include thought patterns, emotional patterns and and physical responses. The tricky part is when we have patterns that no longer serve us and block us to varying degrees with different aspects of life.  

SP therapists work with clients to use strenghs and skills in a way that does not overwhelm the system.  Through this, change can occur.  SP is a gentle approach, uses the instinctual wisdom within us and is a collaboration between client and therapist.  

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