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We all face tough times in life. I specialize in guiding individuals through various challenges, including grief, trauma, relationship struggles, unhealthy coping mechanisms, questions of identity, and spiritual awakening. My clients seek relief, empowerment, clarity, and a sense of wholeness. Finding the right therapist and approach is important in navigating this journey, and I commend you for exploring what could be most helpful for you.

I view therapy as an opportunity for people to pause amidst their daily grind and unpack their concerns with a supportive ally.  My approach is nonjudgmental, curious, intuitive, and compassionate, with a sprinkle of humor.  I draw from a diverse toolkit, blending insights from both biopsychosocial and psychospiritual perspectives.  This includes traditional talk therapy, cognitive therapy and trauma-informed techniques. These methods include Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (SP), Trauma-Informed Stabilization Treatment (TIST), Maladaptive Schemas (from Schema Therapy), and "Parts Work" (derived from TIST, IFS, and SP). Additionally, I offer Psychedelic Integration Therapy and Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP), tailoring treatment plans collaboratively to suit each individual's needs.

In recent times, discussions about collective trauma stemming from local, national, and global issues have become increasingly common in my sessions. Many clients are grappling with existential crises and a deep yearning to feel complete. They're on a quest for meaning, purpose, and an authentic sense of self. This growing trend prompted me to integrate a psychospiritual dimension into my existing biopsychosocial approach. Driven by curiosity and a commitment to ongoing learning, I began researching the clinical applications of psychedelic substances and have taken training to ethically incorporate Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy into my practice. Today, I offer Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy and Psychedelic Integration Therapy as part of my comprehensive treatment offerings.

About Letizia Adorno, LCSW

I am a native New Yorker born to immigrant/migrant parents.  This has contributed to my awareness of a range of issues involving immigration and acculturation and its impact upon generations within families.  I mainly provide therapy in English and to some extent, in Spanish. 

My practice serves a diversity of people from a wide range of ethnicities, races, gender identities and religions without a preference towards any specific group. Many identify as people of color, immigrants, bi-cultural, or first-generation, and are navigating challenges like depression, anxiety, identity confusion, or trauma. My values revolve around equity, empathy, and authenticity, creating an inclusive environment for clients. 

My path to becoming a health professional began in college where I studied science and psychology.  After working in medical sciences for several years, I obtained a Masters in Clinical Social Work in 1998.  This led me to study trauma-informed, mind-body approaches to help others.  My work with trauma, various degrees of dissociative symptoms and different states of consciousness opened up my interest in the clinical uses of Non Ordinary States of Consciousness (NOSCs) and psychedelics to assist psychotherapy.  I appreciate the opportunity to provide a toolbox of treatments to help others work through their difficulties and think about them from a new perspective.  

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Licensed in New York and New Jersey and registered as an out-of-state telehealth provider in Florida (https://flhealthsource.gov/telehealth/