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Psychedelic Integration

Bridging Journeys and Healing

Psychedelics are catalysts for our healing, not cures. Psychedelic experiences can be transformative, leading to profound insights and personal growth.  This insight and growth is integrated by actions taken after the psychedelic journey.   Many integrate on their own, with others, in the community or with psychedelic integration therapy or coaching.   Integration is meant to maximize the benefits of the psychedelic experience.   Integration is important when the journey was challenging or overwhelming.   Integration is also relevant with incorpotating positive journeys into daily life.  Even a positive journey can be passive if it is seen as a quick fix or miracle cure.  

The path to healing and transformation is not solely in the experience of psychedelics but in the meaningful integration of these profound encounters into daily life. I am dedicated to individuals who seek a deeper understanding and practical application of their psychedelic experiences, especially from a trauma-informed perspective.

Psychedelic experiences may occur within clinical settings, undertaken individually or guided by shamans, whether abroad at retreats or in underground contexts. While several psychedelics remain illegal in the USA and New York State, individuals also seek integration support for their psychedelic encounters after returning from either overseas retreats or other states. I often work with individuals post-journey, assisting them in processing their diverse experiences. 

My integration approach combines the understanding of neurobiology, trauma therapy, spirituality, and transcendental experiences that converge with practical wisdom to support your path towards wholeness and wellness.

  • Trauma-Informed Integration Therapy: Tailored to understand and weave your psychedelic experiences with your personal narrative, focusing on past trauma when relevant.
  • Support Across the Spectrum: Whether your journey was one of enlightenment or filled with challenges, I help people navigate the complexities of integrating these experiences.
  • Preparation and Post-Care: I help set intentions pre-journey and work post-journey to implement new habits, thought patterns, and behaviors derived from your insights.
  • Family and Community Reintegration Support: Understanding that returning to regular life can be a challenge, I offer support as you navigate reintegration with loved ones and community.